Saturday, February 11, 2006

4 things

Hmm. Methinks this whole "meme" thing is set to get out of hand, and quick. Will "memes" blow out of town as fast as "smartmobs?" Until they do, we must submit to the trend.

Morgan McLintic from LEWIS and PR young'un Ryan Lack tagged me to submit my 4 things. OK, here goes.

4 jobs I've had:

Kennel boy - you haven't lived until you've bathed 5 frenzied cats in a single day. I lost half a finger at this gig.

Ice cream scooper - worst part was getting caught giving free scoops to pretty girls.

"Emergency" house cleaner - you know, like when the furnace explodes and coats all your knick-knacks in a fine black powder, or the basement floods?

Telemarketer - "I am not trying to sell you anything; I just want you to invite our salesman into your home so he can explain about frozen meat products."

4 movies I can watch over & over:

Napoleon Dynamite / Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (tie)
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Blade Runner

4 TV shows I love to watch:

Daily Show
The Office (American version, even though everyone claims the BBC version is superior)
Deadwood (HBO)

4 places I've visited on vacation:

Rome, Italy
Aberystwyth, Wales (2x)
Eluethera, Bahamas
Euro Disney, France

4 favorite dishes:

Beef brisket
Spaghetti w/ red clam sauce
Irish oatmeal with brown sugar glaze
"Peasant plate" - bread, cheese, apple slices, kalamata olives & some hummus

4 websites (or feeds) I visit daily:

Seth Godin
Guy Kawasaki
Silicon Valley Watcher

4 places I'd rather be:

Mongolia, on horseback
Patagonia, on foot
Kauai, in the water
Santorini, Greece, with my wife
(Just hangin' on my deck is okay, too.)

4 bloggers I'm tagging:

Mike Spinney
Marcel Goldstein
Burghardt Tenderich
Tom Murphy


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