Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The 5 Evils of Agency PR: #3 - Budget Flux

This is #3 in a 5-part series of posts that discuss the "Five Evils of Agency PR." Specifically, the 5 prevailing reasons (in no particular order) for firing a PR agency.

#1 - Employee Churn.

- Measurement Misunderstanding

#3 - Budget Flux

Most agencies prefer what’s known as the "Time & Materials" model (T&M). Simply put, clients are paying for the agency’s time and expenses. This model motivates the agency to load-up on time-consuming tactics regardless of what the client may really need.

Even if an agency has rock-solid ethical standards, the variability of month-to-month budgeting leads to disheartening discussions about $$$ every few weeks, and, the inconsistency of this system makes it hard for clients to create realistic budget forecasts.

SHIFT offers only one financial model: a flat-rate, expenses-included retainer. Clients get the same bill, every month. No surprises, no monthly chit-chats about money.

Yes, we often lose money on this arrangement, but yes, we keep our clients for a long, long time. It evens out over time.


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