Monday, April 10, 2006

Valleywag Attacks PR Industry

In a post today titled "PR Eats Itself", Valleywag calls out Thomas PR of Melville, NY for sending out a generic press release about a new agency win.
Thomas PR is so proud of its new contract, it did what it does best: the agency sent out a press release about itself. Yes, a press release about a PR agency signing a deal. Says a reader, "I thought the point of hiring a PR agency was to get press for your company, not press for the agency."
Of all the things for the Snark Machine at Valleywag to munch on when it comes to the PR industry, this seems like a pretty lame example. These types of releases go out all the time. Standard practice. Sheesh.


Blogger Blake said...

I disagee with Valleywag as well - I don't see the big deal in issuing a release on behalf of a PR firm. It shows that the firm has momentum and is taking on nice new pieces of business. This might be attractive to potential companies who are looking to hire a PR firm. Sheesh is right.

April 10, 2006  

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