Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Top 3 Reasons To Love Constantin Basturea

Everybody loves Constantin. The PR blogosphere's pioneer and chief advocate got himself a big-time gig at Converseon, and who doesn't love it when good things happen to good people?

In Constantin's honor, here's a makeshift list of my Top 3 Reasons To Love Constantin Basturea:

1. His name.
I have yet to type it out without having to triple-check the spelling. How 'bout you?

2. His unbridled enthusiasm. This quote from his Converseon press release tells you everything you need to know: "there's no magic twelve-step cluetraining program that will allow businesses to be successful on the internet."

3. His honest-to-goodness goodness.
Always helpful, always nice, a consummate professional.

Maybe this'll start a meme! What are your top 3 reasons to love 'Da Man?

Congrats, Constantin!!


Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Nice post recognizing a wonderful colleague.

About his name... couldn't it be great to have a cool name like that? Constantin, I'm jealous.

At least Scott has a secret name (Merrit R. Hermitage) :-) Todd, do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

April 04, 2006  
Blogger PR-Guy said...

I am sorry (thankful?) to say I don't know what you mean about Scott...but assuming you mean Mr. Baradell, I can only assume it's the name he uses when he's "interviewing" the folks at Rellatio (the "porn-star PR firm") or paying homage to Strumpette! ;)

As for me, I like the give the name "Rex Ramforth" to snooty restaurant hosts. Always gives 'em pause!

April 04, 2006  
Anonymous Gary Goldhammer said...

John Wagner once wrote that I have the "coolest name in PR," but Goldhammer is nowhere near Constantin Basturea, neither in name nor in contribution to the PR blogosphere. Who is?

April 04, 2006  
Anonymous Morgan McLintic said...

Good call Todd - you gotta hand it to someone who uses the word 'nexus' in his appointment release ;-)

April 04, 2006  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...


Sorry, I thought you'd seen this funny post: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=11303019&postID=114410333763631083

According to the formula, my own spam name is Luther E. Mason.

Rex Ramforth... that's great!

April 04, 2006  
Blogger PR-Guy said...

Ahh - hysterical. Then instead of "Rex Ramforth" you can call me, "Holstein C. Pettibone"!

April 04, 2006  
Blogger Court Information Office said...

Constantin was the first person to notice my blog, so he'll always have an honored spot!

April 05, 2006  

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