Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Measurement, Schmeasurement

Speaking of Measurement, from the Intelligent Measurement blog, here are the "top 10 excuses for not evaluating (PR results)" ...

Be sure to visit the original post for the good-kind-of-snarky sidebar commentary.
  1. "It's too expensive."
  2. "I don't know how."
  3. "I'm too busy 'doing' to be bothered with measuring."
  4. "What I'm doing couldn't possibly be measured."
  5. "I don't see the value of it."
  6. "I'm scared of what I will find out."
  7. "People are fed up with giving their opinion."
  8. "My gut feeling tells me I'm doing a good job."
  9. "All my work is vetoed by the CEO, if s/he's happy so am I."
  10. "You can't prove anything anyway."

Cost to implement a genuinely valuable PR Measurement process? Under $10K.

The cluelessness, fear & ignorance that prevents measurement? Priceless.


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