Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Give Away The Ruler So They'll Keep Buying "Column Inches?"

Seth Godin preached for "measurement" last week, and hallelujah! for that. As Steve Gershik notes, "If (Seth's) talking about a topic, you know it's going to become a BusinessWeek article within the next few months."

Godin's post gave me some food for thought about our agency's own Measurement product - which enables companies to capture & analyze source data on all inbound leads, across all marketing channels... Thus far we've been charging a reasonable premium for the service. Everyone loves the idea but only a handful have been willing to pony up the fee.

Godin's post suggests that we ought to give the measurement program away for free:
"Once the number is on the wall, in marker, or in phone calls or dollar bills, the investment will follow."
In other words - once the client gets religion; once they get hooked on monitoring their progress (just as we bloggers obsessively monitor our memes & trackbacks), they'll be eager to get more actively engaged in the PR program.

Once they see it working, they'll be keen to see how they can make it work better.


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