Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally! A Huge Dog Post

It's been a long time since I paid off the blog description (above) that promises "random stories about huge dogs." That's because for a while there, we'd gone without a huge dog in our lives. To this day we still mourn good ol' Owen.

But, life goes on and after several months of drool-free living, we decided to get another English Mastiff.

His name is Charlie. We've had him for a few months. He's not as solemn nor as drooly nor as mild-mannered as Owen, but then again, at 7 months' old he's still just a puppy (a 100+ lb. puppy!) and if Owen was any indication, Charlie will continue to get lazier by the pound. Ultimately, he'll be little more than a 4-legged couch (200+ lbs.).

Some people think we're crazy to have chosen the English Mastiff as "our breed." Some folks even steer clear of a pony-sized dog on the sidewalks. But we've never met a species of dog more lovable, lazy, loyal and dopey.

This weekend I walked along a wooded trail with Charlie, for a mile or two. He was off-leash and never strayed more than 5 paces from my side. How many 7-month old Labs or Golden Retrievers could ya say that about?


Blogger LuvMyPuppers said...

I bet Charlie will be great! Not only in size, but in heart. My large dog will never be as big as your Charlie. My dog, a German Shorthaired 85lbs of pure muscle. He was suppose to be a dear husband loves to hunt. Bosley on the other hand is terrified to leave our yard...which is a few acres..he plants his butt in the ground and absolutely refuses to leave the spot...back in the truck he goes...and back to his own peaceful land of squirrles, deer, geese and much for the hunter...but he sure is a lover.

April 04, 2006  

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