Friday, April 07, 2006

Afraid of 2008

Wonkette called this NY Times piece (Politics Faces Sweeping Changes via the Web), "painfully obvious," and yep, surely it is to the bloggerati... but, it was a reminder to me that the 2008 presidential elections are coming up in the not-so-distant-future. If 2004 was any indication, it'll be yet another polarizing brouhaha.

In 2004, blogs were really just emerging on the scene, via spots like Instapundit, DailyKOS, Talking Points Memo, etc. This time around, though, the blogosphere will be the domain of a far-ranging field of bloggers of various stripes, and the blogosphere at-large will play a more crucial role.

And by "crucial" I mean:


Thinking about the raft of blogs that will spring up between now and November 2008 (watch for a slew of 'em to appear as soon as the first Democrat announces his - or her - intentions) is already making my stomach churn.


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