Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two Visions of the Internet's Future

Will the day come when you'll be asked whether you are a "Tier One" or "Tier Two" Internet user? That's a frightening thought. I've been following this debate with one eye closed, thinking, "Naaaw, couldn't happen. That's crazy talk." If you live in Oregon, folks, please, vote Democrat.

Not sure this is any less frightening, but, it's definitely an interesting vision of the Internet's future. Honestly, I think that this well-produced mini-mockumentary of "Googlezon" is not far off; in fact, literally you can see versions of this well-imagined future happening today at places ranging from and PixPulse to Google News and other wild, emerging services.

We've been really charged up about where this Web 2.0 stuff is headed... but do we want to pay2play in the Brave New World?


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