Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stop "Over-Thinking"

I was sitting in a meeting with an account team, fly-on-the-wall style, and my emotions ranged from bemused to concerned as I heard these highly competent, self-motivated rock-stars spend umpteen minutes talking about HOW to present some much-needed but hard-to-swallow advice to their (curmudgeonly) client.

"If we say THIS, then they will probably say ..."

"Maybe if we present it THIS way, they will be more open to it..."

Ugh! I finally pounced from my chair.

"You are OVER-THINKING this," I pontificated. "This is your job:
  • "Provide the best counsel you can, based on your experience, with very little nuance;
  • "Be prepared to present pros & cons of the situation or suggested approach, along with your defensible recommendations; and,
  • "Work your butt off on the tactics."
A good client will appreciate smart, straight talk. A bad client is a bad client.


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