Monday, March 06, 2006

Mange On The Long Tail

Catching up on my late-night blog reading. When you track a gazillion interesting blogs, each of which post daily (or more often!), ya do tend to fall behind now and then.

On the plus side, a post from a week or two back is still kinda relevant, eh?

It ought to be when you are Jeff Jarvis, anyway. Jeffis a top blogger, the man behind the curtain at BuzzMachine. Jeff is also an unapologetic Howard Stern fan. So am I. ("All I want for Christmas is a Sirius radio," was my plea of 2005.)

So I was fascinated by Jeff's recent piece on the "Howard 100" news team. Jeff used his on-site experience to pontificate on the surge of navel-gazing going on in news rooms across America, but for me the work effort and production quality that's going into an "All Stern, All The Time" newscast speaks to the power of the Long Tail.

As Jeff says, "Is this news? Sure, it is. This is stuff that matters to Stern fans..."

Isn't that quintessential Long Tail thinking? - A niche of devotees create a profit zone for original creative works.

You don't need to be a Stern fan to find this to be a sexy concept.


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