Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is It E-Z To Be Popular?

I love Scott Baradell over at Media Orchard. He was the first guy to make my "Technorati Favorites" list. Know why? 'Cuz he asked! (By the way, Scott, you've moved from 98 to 89 since your post of this morning, asking for more Fave picks. 'Grats!)

So, I go on to check out the Technorati "Most Favorited" Top 100 list and note that #100 has been "favorited" just 17 times. (Note that this is not just PR blogs - it ranges the gamut of the Web!) Given that Technorati appears to be the de-facto leader in blog stuff, for me this begs the question: Is it currently that "easy" to be popular in the blogopshere?

Let's try something. Do me a favor and click this link. (Take the 2 seconds to create a Technorati account, if you don't already have one. It's a good thing to do, in any case.) Let's see how far and how fast we can go. Believe it or not, this is less about ego and more about the current state of the blogosphere.

And if we pick up a few new readers along the way, yeah, sure, that'd be cool too.

UPDATE: Hey, cool. From "0" to "69" in under 24 hours. (And Scott's at 62, up from 89 on Friday!) Thanks, gang. Such "fame" won't last long - frankly, to see "PR Squared" above Lawrence Lessig's blog is just kooky. But this has been a good experiment for "blog relations," I think. It is surely a reflection on the embryonic stage of the Technorati "Favorites" feature - and the youthful stage of the blogosphere, for that matter.


Blogger Michael Morton said...

A Gallop poll suggests that Americans may not be as interested in blogs as we once believed. If this is true, it may not be very hard at all for a blog to become "popular." I had a recent post about the Gallop poll's findings and Technorati's State of the Blogosphere. Read it here.

March 10, 2006  

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