Monday, March 20, 2006

Exception or Rule?

This ain't pretty. It appeared in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post (tip o' the hat to Peter Himler). Ugh.

There have certainly been a fair number of similar such examples of bad (tasteless, clueless) PR pitches. Meanwhile, while my colleagues at the Bad Pitch Blog seem to have no shortage of fodder, the pipeline at the Good Pitch Blog is dry as bone. (And frankly I put too much time into this blog - and my day job - to worry about begging for more submissions. Plus Kevin & Richard also cover the occassional "good pitch.")

But it leads me to wonder: Is bad PR the exception or the rule?
  • Do journalists get a ton of decent pitches, from which they pick-and-choose those that best suit their needs - but every now and then are blown-away by a truly terrible pitch that they are compelled to share with their readers? If so, that would make "bad pr" the exception.
  • Or, do journalists put up with a ton of bad pitches, until they can't take it anymore and decide to vent their frustrations? If so, that makes "bad pr" the rule.


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