Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Blog Is Not A Newsletter

One thing that often strikes me as we begin a dialogue with clients about "this blogging stuff" is how often the client assumes that one post per month oughta' do the trick. This is particularly true if the blog is slated to become a CEO-level responsibility. "He's a very busy man, after all. He can't be expected to post more often than that."

Here's my retort:

"How is a monthly blog post any different from a newsletter?"

So many clients still see blogs as a one-to-many communication vs. a participatory dialogue.

The blog is not about making the CEO a star (though it can help in that effort); it's about ensuring that the client execs are engaged in their industry; communicating to-and-fro with customers, prospects, employees, media, friends & enemies.

"Daily posting might be a pipe dream," I say, "But monthly posting is a fool's errand."

When you holler across a canyon, you can't come back a month later and still expect to hear an echo.


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