Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blog As Memory

Your blog is your life. Your life is your blog. Now you can document it all, on the go, via the Bloggerphone!

Until the day comes when a computer chip embedded in our brains will act as our "memory," we can count on newfangled ideas like this one to make sure that our id is adequately nourished.

"This is me at the restaurant. Yum."

"This is me at the car wash. Booooring."

"This is Jimmy, kissing the porcelain at the keg party. Eew!"

"This is the cute salesclerk from the Gap on Chestnut St. Bet they didn't expect me to blog about them! Do you see those slacks in the foreground? I bought a pair."

I am being cheeky, of course, but actually there is a lot of evidence that such services will be a big part of the New Media future. MySpace and up-n-comers like (a client) are all agog over this intersection between mobility, presence, location and pictures.


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