Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ye Shall Reap What Ye Post

I don't always agree with Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher, but I think he's on to something this time. Here's an excerpt from his post, "A Job Advertisement From The Future."

"Your ability to secure your next job--and this will also apply to professions other than corporate communications, public relations, software engineers, or journalism--will increasingly be dependent on your online visibility."

Anything you say or do online exists in cyberspace, forever. And more and more of the world-of-work is migrating online. Let the Great Karmic Wheel turn: have you done good, have you done bad, have you (worst of all) done nothing?

Fast forward a coupla years. Checking your credentials won't just be about what you've written on the Web: your image could well be splattered all over the place... Your future employer might use services like Riya to see how your corporate headshot matches up to those pics from the bachelor party or sorority house. "You seem qualified, Mr. Schmedley, but can you explain this photo we found of you on MySpace, circa 2005? Why are you upside-down? Why were you dressed in red leather?"

Ye shall reap what ye post.


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