Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our DEMO Babies

"Over 1,500 applied. Only 70 were accepted. " And our agency is proud to say that two of our clients will be presenting at the prestigious DEMO show this week. We are very excited about both of these companies, and you should be, too. Each represents genuine breakthroughs... If you are an enterprise infrastructure type, be sure to check out Panoratio's presentation. This solution utilizes such advanced math, it makes my hair sweat to think about it. If data runs your business, you will be blown away. Everyone else who's seen it has been. Come see the future of the database. And if you've got kids, are a gadget geek, or are just an overgrown kid yourself, you definitely don't want to miss UGOBE's demo. Here's a descriptor from their website (caution: goosebumps ahead):
UGOBE is developing a line of revolutionary robotic creatures and companions that exhibit stunning lifelike personalities, sound and responses that will inspire and entertain the child in all of us. These products will so effectively blur the distinction between toy, robot and pet that a new term will be required to describe this unique life form: realbot.
Remember those animated chess pieces from the first Star Wars movie? Yeah, we're getting there. See for yourself.


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