Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best Evidence That Gen X Is Changing The Rules

If you're 30 - 40-ish years old, i.e., a member of Generation X like me, you do realize, don't you, that the Internet Bubble was our Woodstock?

We spent our days in garages, spinning in Aeron chairs, playing foosball, and workin' to all hours, instead of getting muddy and doped up. (Remember when they called us slackers?)

As my career progressed, on several occasions everyone from my grandfather on down kept telling me that my prospects would improve if I would only learn to play golf. The Businessman's Game.

Part of me wondered whether they were right. I wouldn't wear the plaid pants, no way, but, I was intrigued by the idea of swinging a club, out in the open air, and finishing up a business deal at the 19th Hole. It seemed so "grown up."

What did I do instead? I played video games. That's what MOST of us did, eh?

And now that we're running the show in many areas, I have found myself delighted to talk to clients who share my care-free, pale-faced hobby. Check out this article at Top tech execs brokering deals via World of Warcraft gaming sessions!

After all these years of assuming "golf is for men, video games are for kids," it turns out we can make deals over the carcass of a blue dragon instead of over an empty martini glass. We can change the world!

At this rate, maybe some 50-something execs will feel pressured to give up their golf clubs for a +3 magic battle-axe!


Blogger Matthew said...

I thought of taking up Golf but now maybe the video games has more appeal. But there's nothing like the great outdoors eh?

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February 18, 2006  

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