Monday, January 30, 2006

Why Moore's Law Is Sexy

A friend of my son’s lugged his Xbox over to our place this past weekend.

Heaven forbid they should play outside, enjoying the 50-degree weather that’s soooo rare during a January in Boston!

As I watched the boys wrestle with the Xbox controllers – elbows jutting, faces grim, eyes transfixed – I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of jealousy and awe.

The jealousy came from remembering the fact that when I was their age, the video games of the era looked like this:

And nowadays – 20 years later – my kid is hackin’ away at something that looks like this:

What a spectacular difference. Awesome. Thank you, Moore’s Law.

I wonder what my grandson will be playing, 20 years from now.

And I wonder if ol’ Grandpa will have enough clout (and/or physical strength) to send him packing into the sunshine, as I did to my son and his friend.

After all, big boys like to play, too, and those dudes were bogarting the Xbox controllers.


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