Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I woke up at 2:30 a.m., full of vim&vigor; a full head of steam; fire shooting from my eyes and ass; etc. Don't know why I was charged up, but I had a thousand ideas and to-do's in mind and couldn't sleep anymore, so I kissed my bride and flew like Superman to the home office.

For someone who studiously avoids New Year's Resolutions, I felt as if I were pulsing with that New Year, can-do spirit.

It's 4 a.m. now. I did a lot, or at least set myself up to accomplish a lot for the coming week, yet I also find myself daunted... not so much by my actual work, but by all the OTHER STUFF that I came across in my wee-morning travels.

I should know more about del.icio.us. I would like to understand what's up with Squidoo. I should give some attention to my burgeoning LinkedIn network. I could use a few hours to scour the latest content at MarketingVOX. I need to spend an hour figuring out how to be a more effective domainer. I would like to talk to some smart people about how to take better advantage of AdWords, as noted in my last post. And frankly, while I feel pretty competent with the blogging "stuff," I know that there is more to learn (I am still fuzzy on track-backs and permalinks and other assorted magicks), and I also need to get smarter on wikis, vlogs, et al. I need to better understand why Flikr is/was such a big deal. Maybe I should start my journey with Wikipedia!?

The thing is: it takes TIME to stay current, and in our "Web 2.0" age (with innovation roaring back to life!), it gets ever-harder to pay attention to so much cool stuff, without sometimes wondering:

Which stuff is important to pay attention to? What's "just a fad, a timesuck?"

What if none of it is a fad? - what if you'd damn well better know about all of it?

And it gets worse if you not only want to KNOW about these things but also want to PARTICIPATE in all the cool stuff.

For example, I may be a bit addled at ... 4:12 a.m. ... but I think I count 9 hyperlinks in this post so far. I daresay it took me almost as long to dig up those links as it did to draft this mewling, whiny li'l rant. So in 12 minutes, I spent 6 minutes writing and about as much time searching for hyperlinks.

Call me a Luddite, but I want those 6 minutes back.

So I can go check out Squidoo.

Or maybe go back to bed.


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