Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ask & Ye Shall Receive (Maybe)

Not a week goes by after I call-out some emerging PR techniques that I get some validation!

I was in a pitch just yesterday, trying to convince the VP of Marketing at a fast-moving, innovative company that SHIFT Communications was one of the few firms that could keep pace with his company's bold vision and damn-the-torpedoes momentum. In the course of our conversation, we got to talking about ideas that might fall outside the traditional PR "box."

I brought up the idea of Rapid-Reaction SEM campaigns, and how a PR firm - properly empowered with budget, and fully entrusted with communications strategy - could help control the online dialogue when outside events occurred in the industry and/or on the competitive front. He "got it" immediately. If we win his business, I am going to make sure that this concept is on the table early-on: hopefully I'll be able to report back on the win, and the ensuing results...


Blogger PR Minority said...

After trying to move away from putting PR, advertising and marketing under the same umbrella, wouldn't this be a step backward?

A PR firm promoting SEM in the form of AdWords is basically promoting advertising. At least to minimize expenses, wouldn't an affiliate program make more sense?

January 30, 2006  
Blogger PR-Guy said...

PR is about starting & influencing the dialogue, eh? There's little $$$ to be made by Advertising Agencies in keeping up with the daily news that could impact a client's PR, in order to spawn a fresh SEM campaign. It will fall on the marketer - who has no time.

Each day, for almost every client, we are scouring the news and wire services for info that could affect their PR/business. We report on our findings and often make PR suggestions as part of the service.

Why not go one step further, and garner the authority & budget to leverage this daily work into SEM Management?

I agree that it is NOT GOOD to buy PR and Advertising from the same firm. I see this as a gray area: and where I see gray, I see the opportunity for us to make some GREEN. ;)

January 30, 2006  

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