Monday, August 01, 2005

Maybe Measurement Doesn't Matter?

A recent PR WEEK survey found that over 60 percent of corporate PR budgets make no allowances for measurement of Public Relations.

Does this mean that 60 percent of marketers don't care about measurement? Or does it suggest that they haven't figured out a way to measure PR? Maybe they are big believers in PR, and want to spend every dollar on outbound services?

I was heartened to see that "Sales Data" was considered among the "most effective" measurement methods... but then I saw that this measurement stick was less popular than "Media Content Analysis" and about equal to methods like "Press Clippings." Nothing about quality or appropriateness - these marketers love ink, as long as it comes by-the-gallon. All press is good press, I guess.

Let's not kid ourselves - PR firms ought to generate coverage. All I've been arguing for is a focus on metrics that matter to the guys and gals in the Boardroom. Walk into a Board meeting with a huge clip book, and the best you'll get in response is, "Good - you've done your job." Walk into that same crowd with proof that your PR has generated scads of quality leads, and you'll hear, "Excellent. You moved the needle."

Given my druthers, I'll take the latter response. Moving forward, I swear to you, it will be the only response that matters.


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