Friday, July 15, 2005

Ode to Owen

Though it had nothing at all to do with PR, some of my best feedback on this blog came from a recent post about our beloved dog, Owen. It turns out that that fairly hilarious tale may have a tragic end. Though just 2 years old, our best friend has been a train wreck lately. He has a herniated disk and just underwent emergency surgery for bloat. His mishaps of last month were our only warning that something was seriously wrong with our pup.

So ... on top of the x-country move of the whole family, buying a new house, helping to run the business, attending umpteen newbiz and client meetings, car troubles, getting the kids settled in Boston, feeling guilty about not blogging, etc., the worst and most stressful episodes of the past few months have been all about our big guy. He's usually our touchstone for sanity: when all else is going wrong, a dopey grin from Owen sets things right. I hope he feels better soon. Meanwhile, here's a pic to give you a sense of our majestic doofus.

Next time, I'll write about something PR-related. Honest!


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