Monday, June 27, 2005

So Simple...So Necessary...So Brilliant

Kudos to the folks at Idea Grove. They created an online quiz to help clients evaluate their current agency relationships, and, a PDF worksheet that marketers can use to evaluate agencies during the proposal process.

One of the beauties of developing close relationships with clients is the "talking shop" part, where you get to learn why they REALLY picked your firm, how the politics worked, what qualities they looked for, etc. You might also get to help them out when they are hunting for new relationships, i.e., "We need an Asian PR firm, who do you know? Can you help me write the RFP?" A lot of this stuff is covered nicely by the docs found at the Idea Grove site.

Too often, the qualities of agency selection feel nebulous. Too often, the proposal process is a reinvention of the wheel. The brainsurgeons and rocket scientists at Idea Grove have made a nice contribution to the industry. Hats off.


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