Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"I'm a PR Guy! I could Ruin you!"

OK, my PR brethren, I'm just curious: have you ever felt like using your powers for "evil?"

Ever wonder if a well-placed call to a reporter on your "friendly" list would right a wrong?

You know what I am talking about: you got shafted somewhere along the line, and doubly frustrated when trying to deal with the problem, and then wickedly pissed off (as we'd say in Boston) when your righteous indignation was met with petty insensitivity from the powers-that-be.

And you thought to yourself: "I'm a PR guy/gal. I think I could single-handedly ruin this company!" Images of a war-strewn media landscape fill your mind. Soon, every man, woman and child will curse the name of the corporate malfactor who peed in your proverbial oatmeal!

For example (were you waiting for this?) I've been seriously mucked-up by Alaska/Horizon Airlines more than once. Delays, incompetence, long lines - that "business traveler nightmare" scenario.

I found myself muttering, "I just might have to call my guy at the NY Times about a story on the rapidly declining quality of airline services...the story could start with a horrific mine!"

Admit it, you've had those thoughts?! Maybe not about an airline, but maybe about your HMO? Or your hair stylist? But like me, you've slept on it and thought better of pursuing your quest for revenge. For now.


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