Monday, May 09, 2005


I'll admit it freely: I don't post as often as I should.

The usual excuse is that I am too busy.

But every now and then - maybe every 4th or 5th post - I draft up a swell posting full of verve and spunk, and when I hit "Publish Post" the damn thing goes whoooosh into the ether.

Everyone who's ever had a system crash in the middle of an important Word document (and let's face it, truly everyone has had that happen) can empathize with the jagged, futile feelings of anger and despair that well-up when you realize you've just lost 30-60 minutes' work to the whims of technoligica.

When that happens, I sweat ta God, it takes a week before I can even look at this Blogger website.

So, that's part of the story. It's the part I like to call, "My Lame Excuse."

On the plus side, thanks to a note from a reader (besides my mom), I now have the Site Feed link working, so you can have these posts pushed to your newsreader whenever they DO pop-up. Lucky you! ;)

p.s. - Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


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