Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A-Player Attributes

I am often asked by employees "How do I improve? How do I show my management that I have the right stuff?"

Obviously the WORK is important. But for me it's more about ATTITUDE. Anyone smart and driven can do the job of PR. But what are the personal attributes that create a star?

Honesty - the best policy

Loyalty - to SHIFT, to team, to client, to manager

Quality-Driven - if the tactics are sloppy, clients suspect the strategy may be sloppy

Initiative - identify, create, and drive programs that improve client programs and the Agency

Optimistic - a sunny disposition makes every interaction with clients, media and colleagues a pleasure

Fearless - welcome challenges, including challenges to your existing beliefs... confidence creates flexibility! - It takes guts to take on a client, and perhaps more fortitude to welcome a debate you might lose.


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