Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Didja Think O' This?

We're not the only ones trying to assign statistics to lead sourcing. But this thought popped into my head, and was validated by the aforementioned client CEO: if your company tracks incoming hits to the website (using WebTrends or a similar service), you'll likely see plenty of hits coming in from search engines like Google. You'll also see the search terms used.

For example, if you work at Widgets-R-Us, some of the search terms will be of the "what is a widget?" and "widget makers" variety. But could you, should you count inbound website visits that come from SPECIFIC searches for "Widgets-R-Us" as PR generated? Doesn't this speak to "brand awareness"?


Blogger Steve said...

I can see a bit of arm-wrestling going on between the PR team and the advertising team. "Heh, my press generated that lead." "No, my advertising generated that lead!" Even worse (or better), the lead may have been generated by customer referral, in which case the true lead source is somewhere down the Kevin Bacon trail.

June 23, 2004  

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